Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

We are expecting our 4th baby!!!!
I am twenty weeks along and we are having a girl.
Her name is
Kara Joy!!!
Kara is due February 9th of 2011.
I am so excited to again hold a newborn infant in my arms in just a few short months.

We also moved back to Utah.
We are in Midvale right next to all the shopping which is nice.
Jonathan really likes his new job. The company is great!
We are happier here even though I left behind my house in AZ.
The house is currently rented out, so that is really great for us. I just hope we will have good renters for the next few years before we sell it. :)


Greg and Talena said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news.

Anonymous said...

Thats wonderful news Holly. I was so happy to hear the name of your new baby girl (on the way). My husband and I were very fond of Kara and her independent,fun loving and imaginative personality . We knew her as a teen and young women but did see her a few times after she and Robert were married.

Britt said...

That's so awesome! And I think the name is very fitting. I hope she gets Kara's infectious smile!

Brandee Burt said...

YAY so exciting, congrats you two!