Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I use to be the literacy specialist in my BYU ward but was released about 2 months ago. I am still doing this calling in my ward because they have not called anyone else yet. One thing I do as a literacy specialist and my favorite thing as well, is to pick monthly books.

For May 2008 I have

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
-The Screwtape Letters is an instructional correspondence between a senor demon and a wannabe diabolical nephew. Screwtape couches Wormwood in the finer points, tempting his "patient" away from God.

Shield Of Faith by Boyd K. Packer
-Illuminated by a wealth of personal experience, Boyd K. Packer's sermons contain the truth pf gospel principles that will enable families to build a foundation of faith and shield of protection from the fiery darts of the adversary.

Books I have pick are.....

I encourage you to read these or at least remember the titles for when you do pick up a book in the future.

-Fahrenheit 451 --by Ray Bradbury
-The Poisonwood Bible --by Barbara Kingsolver
-The Story of my Life --by Helen Keller
-Watership Down --by Richard Adams
-Dollmaker --by Harriette Arnow
-The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency --by Alexander McCall Smith
-Tears of the Giraffe --by Alexander McCall Smith
-No Doubt About It --by Sheri Dew
-My Grandfather's Blessing --by Rachel Remen
-Sarah: Women of Genesis --by Orson Scott Card
-I am a Mother --by Jane Clayson Johnson
-Jane Eyre --by Charlotte Bronte
-Confronting the Myth of Self-Esteem: Twelve Keys to finding Peace --by Ester Rasband
-Cheaper by the Dozen --by Frank B. Gilbreth
-The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment --by Gary Chapman
-Little Women --by Louisa May Alcott
-Emma and Lucy --by Gracia N. Jones
-Life of Pi --by Yann Martel
-Small and Simple Things --by Marjorie Pay Hinkley
-Pride and prejudice --by Jane Austen
-If Life were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard: And Other Reassuring Truths --By Sheri Dew
-Rebekah: Women of Genesis --by Orson Scott Card
-Anne of Green Gables --by Lucy Maud Montgomery
-Blink: How to Think without Thinking --by Malcome Gladwell
-Bonds That Make us Free --by C. Terry Warner
-Jacob Have I Loved --by Katherine Patterson
-Kitchen Table Wisdom --by Rachel Remen
-The Five People you Meet in Heaven --by Mitch Albom
-The Miracle of Forgiveness --by Spencer W. Kimball
-Screwtape Letters --by C.S. Lewis
-Shield of Faith --by Boyd k. Packer
-Memory Keeper's Daughter --by Kim Edwards
-Trusting Jesus --by Jeffrey R. Holland
-Peace Like a River --by Leif Enger
-Love is a verb --by Mary Allen Edmunds
-Goose Girl --by Shannon Hale
-The Giver --by Lois Lowry
-One Tattered Angel --by Blain M. Yorganson

I love to read. I have loved choosing books for my ward and will miss encouraging others to read. I have had a few sister find their favorite book in this list. Will you find a new favorite?


DS at the well said...

I am reading Peace Like a River right now (whenever I steal a few minutes away from wedding stuff) Did you read it. I am about 1/3 of the way through. Love that you have a blog! Love mom

sparkle brightly said...

I have only read the first few chapters of Peace like a River and it was intriguing. I am concerned about the content of it and of Memory Keeper's Daughter, because I have not read them yet. Do you like the book, and is it clean enough for RS?

DS at the well said...

I am now about 2/3 of the way through and so far it would be fine for RS. I am enjoying it so far but I really don't know how it will end yet.