Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yesterday the whole family took Daddy to the doctor. He was telling the doctor that his foot hurt because he had stubbed his toe twice and the pain hasn't gone away. Well Dr. Clark was like you need an ex-ray. They left the room to do that, and Grace says "Mom," I look at her and her face is filled with concern and she asks, "What happened to Daddy?" I explained that Daddy hurt his toe. She still is filled with concern and says "but I kissed it better." Oh I laughed and laughed she was so sweet to think that a kiss was all it needed! Well, Daddy's did fracture the bone in the foot that connects to the toe. However, in this case, a kiss is all that it needed because it was already healing.

As Charity entered school this past year I was so nieve. I thought Excellent, Charity gets to go and be taught and MOM gets a break. Wrong! At the end of school year, her teacher informs me that she is behind. The teacher is looking at me judging me for it, and I am looking at her judging her for it. I didn't realize that just because my child is in school didn't mean that I didn't have to home school my child. I most certainly have too!!!! I have to work with Charity an hour to 3 hours a day teaching her the curriculum from school! The school system is asked to do so much and handle too many kids that they can't teach my child all that she needs to be at level. I just wish that I didn't think yeah, break for mom! Because I was so upset at first, that I had to teach Charity how to read and how to write. Isn't that what she goes to school for? They gave us the curriculum for it and she was able to learn all the sounds the letters make in preparation for reading. 3 days left of school for Charity. She is getting tested today and we'll see if my 10 days of teaching her has helped.

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