Monday, May 5, 2008

This morning I am waiting for stores to be open so I can run my errands. I have to wait until 10am and than that only leaves me with one hour until I have to get Charity from School. I hate that. I think all stores should adjust their schedules to meet mine, according to how my day is going. LOL

Oh I just discovered the hyper link button. I am going to change all of my post so you can click on the hyper link!!! Fun!! I love hyper links they are so convenient.
Only eight days until we are in AZ!!! I can imagine being there already. here are some things I am looking forward to.

-to see all of my family.
-to see Brenda's large baby belly and talk into it, to my soon to arrive niece!
-to see how my other nieces and nephews have grown.
-For a pool party at Monica's, even though I don't swim. I absolutely hate putting on an exposing swimming suit to than get cold, wet and splashed! Her parties are so much fun.
-I am looking forward to eating one of Jessica's dinners!
-To force all of my brothers and brother-in-laws to hug me and tell me about their personal lives.
-To not have to do all of the dishes.
-For the Hot weather.
-Shopping at Savers,Goodwill and DI
-Susie's wedding and Justin's graduation.
-For Sunday family dinners when everyone comes!

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