Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I went to the library to get a soundtrack to Veggie Tales so I would have the song "We are the Pirates who Don't do Anything" My Aunt Teresa wrote lyrics for all of us cousin to sing together at the family reunion. It sounds like it will be funny to get us all up and singing a silly song together.
We are hoping Jonathan can rip the song and covert it to a smaller file to send the song to all of the cousins via email. Also maybe he could take the song and get the original lyrics out of it, so we can sing our own to the music. It would be nice to practice before we get to the family reunion. He feels left out and bummed that he can't go to bear lake with us. He honestly can't take a long weekend off of school. :(

I am going to go and make a big pot of beans with wheat in it. I use whole wheat which swells up to look like corn. It tastes so yummy, especially in beans/Chile. I love it. Mmm can you tell I am hungry. Oh, I can make Kara's Biscuits to go with it!

Here is her recipe.

Kara's Biscuits

6 cups of flour
3 Tbs. of backing powder
3 Tbs. of sugar
1 tsp. of salt
1 lb of butter slightly soft
3 eggs
some milk see instructions

*Preheat oven to 425 degrees
* mix dry ingredients
* slice the butter, add the small pieces, mix until it is almost like a cornmeal batter.
* put 3 eggs in a liquid measuring cup, whisk them, add a splash of milk, whisk, than add milk to the 2 cups line.
*Pour your liquid into the batter at a consistent pace without going too slow or dumping it in.
* Pulse the Bosch/mixer until the batter is about 90% mixed.
* Don't over mix the batter and don't just leave your mixer on during the mixing step.
*Bake at 425 for 15 minutes in the center of the oven (don't go over 20 minutes.)
* Makes 2-3 dozen of large biscuits

use an ice cream scoop to measure the biscuits onto the baking sheet.
* The biscuits should end up crumbling on outside and moist on inside.
*They turn out right if you don't over mix and over bake them.
* your batter should be sticky and wet.
* If dry add Tbs of milk.
*Can add shredded cheese to batter after it is mixed.
* Can add 1/2 cup of corn meal with the flour.
*Can add some sour cream


Trista said...

Oh yes my mom... I'm on my way over to watch Chris, Danielle, Mar, & Clint practice the song... should be interesting! <3

Monica said...

Holly I got a cd from the library as well so I'll make a copy for Susie. Where are you moving to? Are you coming home? That biscuit reciepe is to big have you tried just making half? See you next weekend. xxoo Monica

sparkle brightly said...

I make only half of the recipe and it is perfect for my family of five who totally pig out every time we make it.

sparkle brightly said...
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