Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So far this morning Jonathan has applied to about 8 companies. Which are located in Utah, Arizona, California, Texas, and Australia. They are all Video game companies. We are excited to be looking for a job and hopefully something good will come up for us. Other than the fact that we'll miss our family, how cool would that be to move to Australia! Ha! I highly doubt that outcome but, the job description does fit Jonathan perfectly. I would really have to keep up my blog for you guys which I think is a lot of fun. Does Heather live in Australia? I need to get on that girl's email list so I know what she is up to and how many kids she has.

I am excited for the family reunion! Yes, mom I will look for the noodles for the swords today or tomorrow. I hope I can find them in two good colors! I laughed in your blog saying the boys are still cutting each others legs and arms off. It made me think back to being young and when make believe was so awesome. I could keep a make believe game going on all day. Susie and I once tried to hatch some eggs in the back yard by making a nest out of dirt than sitting our own little bottoms on the eggs. We were on high alert trying to protect our eggs, soon to be babies, from the giant eagles living on the roof of the house. We played that all day and several different times in our back yard.

gotta go feed my kids hard boiled eggs now.. hehe I eat the eggs now instead on putting them under my bum.

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