Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yeah! I figured out how to put a playlist on my blog. I will be adding more songs that I like. Feel free to scroll though my songs, and if it annoys you, than I am sorry.

Today I took Jonathan Robert to get his staple out. It took like 10 minuts total in and out! Whew! I was so thankful for a quick trip to the doctor. I was not looking forward to all afternoon waiting in an office with my three kids.

I am starting to pack today. I got 6 boxes packed and I hope to get more done today. For now I am stacking all of the boxes in the closets. I am getting excited about our move! We notified BYU that we were leaving by Aug 30th and the 2nd day after, we had let them know, I had a knock on my door. A woman just got my apartment that day and she wanted to see it. Ha ha ha!!!! My apartment was so dirty. I can't believe I let her in. I could tell she wasn't happy. I was so embarrassed and assured her that it would be clean for her. So after that horrible experience I now know to not let anyone come to see my house without an appointment. ugh!

My mother asked me to get pool noodles to make swords at our family reunion in two weeks. she posted about them on I cut them all and put them in a box ready to assemble at the family reunion. The only colors I could get were red and a yellow. I will also, soon have fancy fur yarn cut and ready to make fuzzy flip-flops as an activity as well. The flip-flops are for the girls and the swords for the boys.


DS at the well said...

I'm sorry that you felt bad today. I'm sure that you are thinking more about it than the lady did. But getting started on packing now will certainly ease the pressure next month! Love you and can't wait until next week. Mom

Trista said...

Holly! I just added a playlist to my page today, I was quite stoked! I'm just starting to get this blogging mess.. its so wierd! I so cant wait for the reunion! 8 days! :D love