Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is the invention you can't live without?

O.k., so this is really like a ton of inventions but they all share, electricity. I can't live without it! I need light, air conditioning, heater, hot water, stove, Microwave, refrigerator, car. Where would I be without electricity? I would be, I guess living in the 1600's or something. That life style of living off the land and working so hard so you and your family are clean and fed, doesn't appeal to me. but, when your born in your time period, than what chose do you have. Hmm, maybe there will be a time in the future, when we will have a chose of what time period of the world we would like to live in. We could have a total overpopulation and have a race to build the first working time machine so we could ship people off to other time periods. (dreaming now of what that would be like....dreaming....dreaming of people standing in line waiting to enter the time machines....dreaming.....dreaming of a man with a huge pack ready to go live with dinosaurs...dreaming......dreaming of a woman artist who want to be the Leonardo Da'Vinchi of that time....dreaming.......startles awake, back to blogging.)
Ah, I feel like a child when I suddenly have a weird daydream out of nowhere. Does anyone else have weird daydreams/dreams too? Post and tell me about it.

O.k. so more serious stuff now.
It's official!! Were moving! Jonathan is driving with the girls on the 25th or the 26th. He needs a week after graduation to get things taken care of first, so we elected to stay another week so he can take care of those things. I will fly down on the 28th with Jonathan Robert, after I have had a couple of days to clean the apartment. The day before I come, I will sell my van to the junk yard. Where gonna make it to Arizona yay.

I enjoyed this book. At first I was really put off by the little boy Charles Wallace. I liked his long name. I don't care how genius he was, a five year old is not that mature! Once I got over that, I liked the book. I was surprised to find out there was a war against evil. I had no idea of the story line before hand. I just knew that it was a good book. I like not reading the summary of books and just start reading the first page. I don't like to know anything before hand. I give this book 3 stars it was good, I enjoyed it but I didn't love it and it wasn't fantastic. I might encourage others to read it.


DS at the well said...

I'm glad you have some decisions made and I will be looking forward to your arrival!! You should expand on that dream and write a book! I heard that Stephanie Meyer said that she dreamt the Eclipse novel. Love you!

sparkle brightly said...

Thanks you are to sweet to me.I don't think that I have the skills necessary to write a book that people would buy. I have horrible grammar and spelling and I hardly can get my true thought out of my head in speaking or writing form. How about you write the book and I will help give you ideas and edit your book.
That would be splendid. You always wanted to write, right?

DS at the well said...

They have editors to correct those kind of errors its the creative process that matters!! Don't sell yourself short, don't throw up roadblocks for yourself. In fact, those "roadblocks" are just tests to see how badly you want to accomplish something, a test of your desire and character.

I can't believe you didn't love A Wrinkle in Time. It was one of my all time favorite books from my childhood.The war against evil and that great darkness (evil) growing to blanket the earth and also the fact that the evil ones plan was to take away the free agency of man was also so interesting. It was also interesting to kind of see what that world would be like if Satan's plan had won. This book is part of a series of books and I think the next one is A Swiftly Tilting Planet but I liked Wrinkle the best.

sparkle brightly said...

The concept of Satan's plan was played out in "The Giver" I liked that story of it better. I never said I didn't like a Wrinkle in Time, I did. I think I would have liked it better if I were young. I liked the concepts of a fallen star and a life after their fall. I liked to think about the two dimensional planet or other planet housing loving creatures. How different things could be on others planets. It was fun. I am a little over critical of books and it usually takes me a while to say "It was a good book!" I like to see what others think of it and get my own opinions in order.

Thanks Mom, I will try not to sell myself short.