Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who can do this trick?

Lets see who can do it the best?

Grace gives it a shot. But didn't get it.

Charity can almost do it here.

Just one more try she says. She, not very close is she? lol

Jonathan Robert shows the girls up.

I think I found the winner!!!

Just to be sure, he tries again...Yep he's the winner!


I thought I would post pictures of the frog prince mask I made when Jonathan Robert was a baby. He was born in September and soon after wards, it got cold in Provo. Jonathan Robert would cry every time I took him outside. I quickly realized he didn't like the cold wind on his face. So I made him a mask out of wool. Wool is awesome! It is breathable and yet keeps you the warmest. He stopped crying after I made this. Amazingly, that baby would keep it on his face!

The mouth of the frog used to be the opening for his eyes. It has a rolled up tongue with a fly in it.

Now he thinks it's a great hat. Jonathan Robert loves hats.

He must be a prince.

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DS at the well said...

Fun pictures thanks for posting